Farm Meats Easington Colliery Butchers

Farm Meats Easington Colliery butchers, is your new, local high street butcher who opens for business on Thursday 21st September.

This morning we were delighted to see our new butcher’s store sign unveiled in place – the design finally looks ‘real’ after only seeing it before on a mobile phone screen.

We’ll be selling top quality meat, so if you fancy a choice cut of beef,>pork, lamb or chicken then come along in and see what we’ve got to offer. Perhaps you might need some essentials like eggs (we even do duck eggs) or delicious rashers of bacon for your breakfast, why not see if we can make your tastebuds tingle?

Only 6 days to go before we can welcome customers through our doors!


Farm Meats Ltd store front

Opening soon!

32 Seaside Lane, Easington Colliery, Peterlee, SR8 3PG

Tel: 07435 443 409

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